Comprehensive Before & After School Program
"Shape a life, one step at a time."

What is MeTiMe?

MeTiMe is a comprehensive before and after school program that ignites & energizes learning opportunities for students through daily exercise programs and outdoor activities.

MeTiMe serves elementary school students within the Poway Unified School District, grades 4 through 8.

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Kid's Corner

Explore the bright, active minds of MeTiMe students to discover everything from a list of their favorite books to what colleges they hope to attend in the future.

Both parents & students can visit the Kid's Corner to get great conversation starting topics or simply learn more about their peers. See what MeTiMe students are talking about today!

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Parent Testimonials

I believe that METIME will make a tremendous difference in my daughter's life. Furthermore, I see the added advantages of the program as parents in San Diego must now cope with the cut backs in school funding which will have a negative impact on our children.

Yvonne Studebaker
Former Los Pen PTA President